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A Sound Response to Anyone Voting for Donald Trump Because he’s a “Good Businessman”

Donald Trump is a flaming pile of poo to begin with, and there are a number of malodorous qualities that people have to somehow have to swallow BEFORE they get to the argument of, “well he’s a good businessman and we need someone who can get us better deals!!”  These attributes include (but are not limited to):

But you’re willing to ignore all of these assaults of ethics and logic because he’s such a great “businessman?”  Well, if you think he’s a great businessman, either you’re ignorant to the facts, or you don’t understand business yourself.  Furthermore, if you own a business, and the later is true, that’s rather troubling for you.

Let’s go over why he’s such a monumental failure at business.

First of all, the vast majority of his upstart was given to him by his daddy.  Not just the $1m loan, but a $7m bailout after one of his fuckups.  Then, another $3.3m was illegally laundered to his casino (from daddy, of course: ) after another of his fuckups.  Anywhere from $20m-$80m after his dad passed away.  Other sources cite other “gimmes” that put the amount of money he was handed at well over $200m, but I haven’t vetted those claims, so we won’t even count those.

Now, you say, “well see?? He was only given MAAAAYBE $100m!”  Yeah… that’s kind of a lot, especially considering it was the 80s/90s, and would be worth well over a quarter of a billion today.  But beyond that, he also simply refused to pay people, and that translated into equity, because it was work/service/materials that he received, but didn’t pay for.  Some of this was in pure refusal to pay, some of this was in bogus junk bonds that never came to fruition.  This is part of the reason that no one will do business with him or allow him to build anything.  They know he’s not good for his money ( ).  Furthermore, a lot of what he bought was on credit, because his daddy got him much higher lines of credit, even after he kept pissing his money away.

Second, we get to all the failures.  Yes, it’s true, he “only had” 6 bankruptcies! (but much like claiming $100m in the mid 80s isn’t a lot of money, claiming 6 bankruptcies isn’t a horrible business record is also insane).  But that doesn’t cover how many of his businesses just plain collapsed.  John Oliver did an exposé on him a while ago, where he pointed out several of his most expensive failures.  Since then, dozens of news organizations have put together even bigger lists of his failures.  Simply put “how many businesses has donald trump lost” in google, and you’ll have 50million+ search results.

Shortly after the John Oliver episode, Mitt Romney parroted these facts, and Trump felt compelled to defend himself.  He held a “press conference” that was really more of an infomercial, showing that all of the businesses that John Oliver/Romney claimed went out of business were still alive and thriving.  In this example, we get to see how he thinks his supporters are clueless idiots, because multiple reporters were able to show that all of the businesses he claimed were still alive were absolute lies.  Here’s a nicely compiled list to show you just how stupid Donald Trump thinks you are:

Now, because of this, as I said before, no one works with him to build anything new.  I’ve heard you try to defend his business record by saying he has founded 500+ businesses.  Again, if you read through the reports of his failures, they point out that most of these businesses are just licensing deals or golf courses.  While he has his name on quite a few buildings, the amount he actually *owns* are far less, and most of those are struggling… because he’s a terrible businessman ( )!

Third, let’s talk about how “smart” he is for fucking over fellow tax payers and finding away to skip out on taxes.  First of all, despite how many times Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie call Trump a “genius” for figuring this out… he didn’t figure it out… his daddy’s tax attorney did.  They’ve since found this fellow, asked him about Trump, and he said that, while Trump’s dad was an astute businessman, Trump himself “didn’t understand the code …  Nor would he have had the time and the patience to learn the provisions.” and he had, “no involvement in the preparation” ( ).  So basically, if daddy hadn’t set him up with a “genius” tax attorney, Trump would have taken his near $1 BILLION dollar loss much harder, and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

And let’s talk about that $1b loss.  First of all, IT’S A $1 BILLION DOLLAR LOSS!!  Kind of like being given $100m, and having 6 bankruptcies on your record, if you don’t think that’s a big deal, you SERIOUSLY fall into the category of “don’t know wtf you’re talking about” when it comes to business!  But let’s look a little further into it.  By now, we’ve already gone over the fact that his tax attorney used this in his favor to allow him to avoid paying taxes on $1b in profit from businesses (not from personal income) for up to 18 years.  Now, if he’s such an awesome businessman, and he’s worth $10b as he claims, then certainly he would have made this back in no time, right??

Well, there’s a lot of speculation that he hasn’t… because he’s not showing us his tax returns.  One of the major reasons he may be holding it back is because he doesn’t want us to see that he’s STILL using the tax loophole (as of a few years ago), because he’s NOT actually worth that much (not to mention, he doesn’t give anywhere close to the amount he claims to charity, which would also show up: ).

This brings us to the final point of why Donald Trump is garbage as a businessman.  His net worth, or lack thereof.  One common thing he does, as when he talks about his golf courses, is value his properties much higher when he’s trying to show off to people, and much lower when he’s claiming them on taxes ( ).  This isn’t a huge deal, because I’m sure it’s not the only thing he exaggerates about… but it goes towards showing how his actual net worth isn’t anywhere close to what he says it is.

One other thing that he does when talking about his NET worth is to fail to bring into scope his debts ( ).  This goes back to whether or not you, as a potential supporter of Trump, know anything about business.  Do you know what “net” means when talking about value?  It means profit + loss; assets + debts.  You don’t get to ignore the negative column when talking about your net worth.  Trust me, I’d love to ignore the tax part of my paycheck and receive the gross sum instead, but that’s not how reality works.

A final note on his net worth… examine his actions, and that will show you what he’s worth.  He’s nickle and diming people with Trump university.  He’s fudging the cost of his campaign headquarters in Trump tower so that, when he’s paying for it, it’s low, but when the RNC via donations from his supporters pay for it, it’s all of a sudden 5 times as much (yet another example showing how he assumes his supporters to be idiots ).  He’s currently trying to position “Trump TV” as a thing so that, after he fails at the election, he will be able to use his new fame for profit.

These are not the actions of a billionaire.  These are the actions of someone who CLAIMS to be a billionaire, but in reality is on a knife’s edge of debt and poor management to be worth nothing at all.

He doesn’t give a shit about America or it’s people, he’s just using this election as his most elaborate scam, because that’s all he knows.  His entire life is based on fraud, and the American people are his next mark.