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I like playing with my wii. Sometimes I play w/my friend’s wii.

Another Glorious Day Without an Injury!


FORSOOTH, dear brothers for I have passed another night while engaging in certain flailing movements with my wii through a drunken haze and nothing was broken or injured!! Truly this must be an act of God to make it through a whole night without hurting myself or somthing else with a plastic remote.

Or perhaps it *just* might be that I’m not a dumbass. I dunno. Could go either way, really

Had the drinking crew over again, and played plenty of games. No one got hurt. It’s a miracle, really. Fuck Jesus healing the blind; 4 drunk people played with their wii in a small location and no one got hurt!! Well, I suppose you could count the hangover as a product of playing with the wii and dehydrating yourself, thereby creating, or further increasing the effects of a hangover.  Then again, if I thought that were truly the case, I’d be posting some sorry ass sob story on WHaP instead of making this site.

Also, I’d like to take this time to invite people to share their own miracles and positive experiences with their wii. Though the chances are wiimote (hah), I’m sure someone else out there survived the night w/out injury!